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About Us & Why Us

Unique is valuable and that's the foundation of U and i furniture™

About Us

The founders (Ravi, Neha and Dipesh) had been in the business of manufacturing high end furniture for the uber-rich for a number of years.  What the super-rich look for in their furniture is unique designs, superb quality and excellent finish.  The founders had always strongly felt that such furniture should not only be available to the super rich but to everyone else as well. The question was how to provide uniquely designed, high quality dependable furniture at a fair price.

One solution that seemed pragmatic was to go online. In order to explore this option, the founders spent several months understanding the very basics of the ecommerce industry.  After a lot of research and several discussions with some of the experts of the ecommerce industry, the founders decided that online was the way to go.

And thus started the journey of Here is what we stand for:

  • U n i que Designs: Our in house furniture designers strive every day to bring you designs that you will not find anywhere else in India. Each member of the design team specializes in a different genre. As a result you will find the entire range of designs with us be it traditional, European or modern.
  • Crazy about Quality: At U and i furniture™, we are crazy about delivering unparalleled quality to our clients.  We go to great lengths to make sure that each piece of furniture that we deliver has quality written all over it. Our elaborate quality checklist ensures that not even a minor blemish escapes our radar.
  • Fair Pricing: With U and i furniture™, you do not have to worry about the cost of soaring rentals of malls and retail shops getting added to the price of your furnitureJ.Moreover, the product goes straight from us(the manufacturer) to you(the consumer). There are no middlemen involved. All these savings are passed on to you and hence we are able to provide you with a high quality uniquely designed product at a fair price.
  • The Entire Range: We take immense pride in the fact that we are the only company in the country covering the entire spectrum of loose and fixed furniture. Thus from beds to wardrobes, dining sets to kitchens, sofas to cabinets, coffee tables to shelves to even temples and outdoor furniture, U and i furniture™ is your one stop destination for all your furniture needs.
  • Customization:  Many a times you really like a piece of furniture except for some little detail somewhere. All you want to do is to tinker with that small detail before owning the piece. U and i furniture™, through its Customization tab gives you this freedom. You can use this tab to customize any product from our catalogue as per your whims and fancies!!
  • Comfort: Going out to buy furniture can be an exhausting experience. Trying out different stores can be very tiring. Traffic and crowded parking lots are a pain. Don’t stress yourself out. With U & i, choose your furniture from the comfort of your home!  What’s more, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!  So there is no store timing that you have to stick to. is our endeavor to make Indian homes beautiful and unique. We dedicate this attempt to the great Indian Home Maker.

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